In Memory - The War in Iraq,
Ten Years On

Photographs by Peter Turnley

Refugees flee Basra, Iraq, during an intense artillery exchange between British Forces and mobile artillery trucks of the pro-Saddam militia. April 2, 2003.

American and British forces invade Iraq from the southern town of Safwan with thousands of troops and vehicles moving north on Iraqi roads. March 22, 2003.

A broken portrait of Saddam Hussein lies crumbled on the ground near Basra during the last days of his regime before allied forces entered Baghdad. March 29, 2003.

Iraqi civilians, refugees from Basra, take cover from a barrage of artillery coming from pro-Saddam forces in Basra towards British forces in Southern Iraq. March 29, 2003.

Near Basra. Late March, 2003.

A woman speaks in Ridgeland, South Carolina, during a wake for Esau G. Patterson, Jr., a 25-year-old Army staff sergeant who was killed in Iraq with seven others on April 29, 2004. He was laid to rest on May 10 2004.

An Iraqi woman grieves the death of her husband at a Baghdad cemetery. April, 2003.

A US soldier examines damage done to one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces. Baghdad, April, 2003.

A member of a pro-Saddam militia unit, killed while fighting British soldiers near Basra, is taken for burial. April 3, 2003.

British soldiers near Basra. April 3, 2003.

On day 11 of the war in Iraq, several thousand Iraqi citizens of Basra fled this city during fighting between British soldiers and pro-Saddam militia. March 30, 2003.

Funeral for an Iraqi soldier at a cemetery on the outskirts of Baghdad. April, 2003.

A few days after American forces entered Baghdad, Iraqis who had fled to the countryside begin to return on foot to the their homes in the capitol of Iraq. April, 2003.

A mother with her 4 yr. old son in hospital emergency room, injured when an explosion from a shell or a bomb from Coalition forces hit his house. Baghdad, April, 2003.

A farewell departure ceremony at Fort Stewart for the 48th Brigade Combat Team, part of the Georgia Army National Guard, on Saturday, May 14, 2005. After the official ceremony, soldiers met with their loved ones before departing for Iraq.

A few days after Baghdad fell to "Coalition" Forces, a pickup truck brings an injured war victim and his wife to Saddam Medical Center in central Baghdad. April, 2003.

US Marines, Baghdad, April, 2003.

At Al Asskan Hospital in Baghdad, two doctors perform cardiac massage on 10 yr. old Worood Nasiaf, who died a few minutes later. She suffered from pulmonary pneumonia. Her father had not been able to get to the hospital quickly because of war conditions on the roads. April, 2003.

A funeral procession for a 29 yr. old civilian employee of the Ministry of Oil, Saddam Mohammed Haidar. He was killed during the war, and here, his family is taking his exhumed body to Al Najaf, a Shiite Moslem town where many Shiites are buried.

A young Iraqi man wails with pain in a burn unit of the Al Asskan Hospital in Baghdad. This young man was severely burned in an attempt to loot petrol. April, 2003.